Tool Belt Phone Holster-Magnetic/Snap Closure

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Features magnetic closure.

Leather is 6/7 oz Vegetable Tan exterior sewn to 3 oz Pig Skin lining which is soft and velvety.

Features 3" Belt Loop attached with four Heavy Copper Rivets. Works fine on smaller belts too.

Outer stitching is Industrial Braided Thread.

Rivets are attached between the Pig Skin and Out Leather, so your phone will not be rubbing against them.

What size of Phone Does it fit?? 

Whatever size you want! Just message me the Height, Width, and Thickness of your phone(including any cover you might have on it), and I build it custom for you. The measurements you send will be the inside dimensions of the case.

We offer a Full Warranty against manufacture defects, so if you have any trouble, just get in touch, and I will make it right, if I have to send you a new one! 

All Handmade In The U.S.A. with high Quality U.S.A. Leather.

Hiddin Leather