About Us

Hey there!

We are nestled west of the Grand Tetons amid the fields of Idaho's Upper Snake River plain. In the heart of America's Outback, we are proud to bring American values and traditions of quality, craftsmanship, and loyalty, with leather pieces that will be a great investment for years to come.

We feel it is a shame that many products these days are built cheap and made to be disposable and valueless. We want to bring back trust to the American way of being (Over built) and hard to wear out, while maintaining honest and personal care for each of you. One of our motto's is: Simplify. A short motto, yes, but hey. Simple enough to last forever, yet stylish and technical enough to withstand the rigors of modern life. Simply, you can't beat it...


Our Leathers: 


We know all leather isn't created equal. And all that is called leather is not full grain leather. We are dedicated to sourcing high quality Full Grain leathers tanned in the U.S.   Depending on the product, we use leather from Hermann Oak, Wickett & Craig, Horween, S. B. Foot, and others.