Leather Sheath for Knipex Cobra Pliers 7 1/4" - 180 Tan Black Brown. Handmade in USA. Full Grain Leather. Case only, pliers not included.

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This hand tool case is made of 2 full grain pieces of leather stitched together with heavy duty braided thread and secured with rivets at the top.

It comes conditioned with natural leather conditioner made of beeswax and other oils. It is recommended that you apply leather oil or conditioner periodically to keep the case soft and water resistant.

The leather may vary slightly in color and how much it stretches. Your Knipex pliers should fit snug right at first, but will wear in to fit comfortably.

Made to fit Knipex Cobra 180 - 7 1/4".

For belts up to 2" width.

Handmade In The U.S.A.

If you would like a custom case made to a different size or color, please contact me and I will be happy to try it for you!

If you have any trouble or manufacture defects in the product, please contact me and I will make it right.

Thanks for looking and have a great day!!