Obenauf's Water Shield

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Water Shield Extended Waterproofing

  • High Silicone Content
  • Easy Application
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Odorless (will not spook game)
  • Will not harm glues or stitching

Water Shield Bottle Sizes
The 8 ounce bottle comes with a finger pump sprayer providing a fine mist and is about the correct size to spray suede and fabric footwear. Make sure you spray your clean, dry, fabric boot laces as well. This will protect your laces from absorbing moisture and rotting. 

Odorless Silicone Waterproofing Spray

Providing extended water protection to fabrics, canvas, nylon, suede, and chrome-tanned leather. We use pump sprayer applicators which allow a higher silicone content resulting in a more concentrated formula than aerosol dispensers. This creates a more durable and long lasting water protection. Equestrians have found Water Shield to be an excellent waterproofing spray for horse blankets. In addition, our silicone waterproofing spray is great for marine fabrics, such as soft tops and covers. Discover the many benefits of using silicone waterproofing for yourself!

Obenauf's® Water Shield spray is unscented, while still providing long lasting waterproofing. What are the benefits of an odorless waterproofing product? First, those who are sensitive to scents. Second, some horses may be spooked by a smelly waterproofing spray applied to their horse blanket. Third, Obenauf's® Water Shield is also conveniently odorless for hunting and camping gear, so as not to spook game. Here are three reasons why our silicone waterproofing spray is odorless: a non-aerosol dispenser means no smelly propellants are needed, no scent has been added, and the silicone itself is odorless.

Recommended Uses For Silicone Waterproofing Spray:

  • Clothing & Hats
  • Gloves
  • Footwear
  • Tents & Backpacks
  • Horse Blankets
  • Boat Covers

Obenauf's® Water Shield On Smooth Leather?
In regards to waterproofing leather, the preferred use of Obenauf's® silicone waterproofing would be on chrome-tanned leather boots. Some Chrome leather doesn't require an oil preservative at all. If you aren't sure if your boots are chrome leather, ask the manufacturer.

Water Shield can be used to enhance waterproofing on other smooth leather boots, but we recommend our waterproofing spray be used on them only as an overcoat after leather preservative has been applied. This is because silicone waterproofing is a surfactant and does not have any conditioning ingredients required to restore or preserve full-grain leather.